#PostThePeach Challenge Kicks Off October 10

Voters across Georgia are challenged to show off their “I’m A  Georgia Voter” stickers as part of the #PostThePeach Challenge, launching this week in time for the start of early voting.

The #PostThePeach Challenge will kick off during a press conference on Friday, October 10, 2014, at 10 a.m. at Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta. 

#PostThePeach Kick-Off Details

 The #PostThePeach Challenge, initiated by a coalition of county election officials, civic engagement organizations and individual voters, asks voters across Georgia to cast their ballots during early voting for the November 2014 General and Special Election.

After casting their ballots, Georgia voters are challenged to post photos of themselves wearing their state-issued “I am Georgia Voter” peach sticker and to challenge others to #PostThePeach on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

 Voters and organizations throughout Georgia are invited to participate in the nonpartisan #PostThePeach campaign to engage voters and encourage participation in early voting. Current partners include:

Early voting across Georgia begins on Monday, October 13. Early voting saves time and is more convenient for voters with busy, modern lifestyles. But even more importantly, it allows for time for a voter to correct any unforeseen problem that may occur at the polls.

Georgia voters will have three weeks to vote early, with some weekend voting hours available in all counties. In total, across the state, Georgia voters will have access to 261 early voting locations, a combined total of 28,262 weekday hours and 1,779 weekend hours for early voting, spanning across a minimum of 16 voting days, and as many as 19 voting days.

In addition, voters can cast their ballots by mail and on Election Day. To find your polling location and the early voting hours and locations in your county, log on to the Georgia My Voter Page at http://www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/.

For more information, email postthepeach@gmail.com.

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